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7th finance speech by panem AG in cooperation with KWF Business Consultants S.A.

The 7th finance speech with the topic “Todays security challenges and its impact on the capital market” took place in the Masonic Lodge “Zur Einigkeit” in Frankfurt on November 18th 2014. Nearly 50 participants from the finance world, politics and economy attended. The speakers Dr. Sebastian von Münchow (lecturer for security studies at Marshall Center in Garmisch Partenkirchen) and Mr. Markus Kaiser (board member at StarCapital AG) gave two different perspectives on that topic. One perspective is from the point of view of security politics and military strategy. Another one is from the perspective of market participants in the capital market. In a following panel discussion, participants got the opportunity to actively take part. Some thematic aspects of the speeches were delved during the discussions. Right after the panel discussion, people continued discussing in a pleasant atmosphere. 

At this point we would like to thank every speaker for the interesting speeches and the many guest that participated.

We are looking forward to the 8th finance speech next year!